What Is Your Aura Color?

Aura Colors Ever wondered if you could learn to see the colorful auras that some believe surround each of us all the time? And whether or not you can detect them, what do those colors mean? According to many metaphysical practitioners and believers, aura colors are caused by vibrations. Every atom and molecule in the…… Continue reading What Is Your Aura Color?

Soulmate Novel

What is the meanings of Soulmate? A Soulmate is somebody that just gets you. It’s an association of brains, a common regard, an unlimited love and a complete comprehension. It’s tied in with acting naturally and knowing, not just that individual is following and understanding your considerations, however is in that spot with you, next…… Continue reading Soulmate Novel

Self Care and Self Love

Self-love, on the opposite hand, is ready cultivating gratitude and acceptance toward yourself, physically and emotionally. Practicing self-love can look like speaking to yourself positively, throwing away your scale, or letting move of the comparison mindset (easier stated than done!). Self-love manner loving yourself unapologetically, whereas self-care is ready taking the time to experience excellent…… Continue reading Self Care and Self Love